Google Meets: What is it, how it works and for what

Google Meet is an application announced in March 2017 by the Google company Google LLC. Also known as meeting meetings (comes from the Classical Hangout Platform), this is a commercial environment and professional clients who are able to create video conferencing up to 250 people and share documents and file formats that are different in real time without limitation.

Fundamental characteristics of Google Rev. It is an interface that is dedicated to facilitation of virtual and professional meetings, there are proactive video conferencing steps, anti-abuse and encrypted, which will ensure a safe and professional experience for users.

Google Meet is an application that is launched exclusively for devices with Android 5.0 operating system (Android Lollipop) or following the version as support, so it can be used by any account connected to the G Suite to utilize this platform, which will also be available for devices supporting iOS .

As an alternative to a professional meeting, Hangouts meet between various video conference platforms to gain weight in remote trade relations, get more than 10 million users worldwide.

Because of this

It consists of a special platform for professional customers, both for educational or commercial purposes, Google revisions are used to create high-quality video conferencing, complete the possibility of sharing files, documents, and multimedia slides.

Likewise, it is a question that ensures constant communication between large groups of people through audio and video, it can also be used by groups of non-commercial or education organizations, as a means of communication between people’s specific groups, being family, friendly or religious circles, among others.

The use of this means to hold meetings and consultations in a professional environment has increased due to the structure offered to maintain better distance communication, thanks to the quality of video conferencing, with platform security and with its speed by separating. . Fill.

How does it work

Google operations are similar to other platforms with the same purpose, such as zoom, Skype or Chime Amazon. In the case of the hangout they encountered, the video conference creation manager must have a series of G accounts, which can be attached as many people as possible as a sequel to G, whose level varies according to the amount of ‘number’. Some participants. It should be noted that other users do not need to have this account, it is necessary to have access to the application and that the administrator guarantees a connection meeting.

With Google Meeting, you can reach video conferencing that has begun, it also brings different options such as making voice calls, sharing screens with other meeting members, sending text and meeting messages if there is a desire to review. Some points later or that participants are not available.

It guarantees high-quality images and sounds, provided that the internet connection and the appropriate device allows an optimal interface, you can achieve meetings on Google to meet even with cellular devices. It also provides innovative options as real-time subtitles, thanks to Google Technology that can capture and copy negotiations soon.